What can you do with Surgery TV?
  • Digitise and store all your surgery videos in one place
  • Quickly and easily edit your surgery videos and add details
  • Upload them for your patients to view
It's simpler than ever to go from surgery to a video that's ready for your patient to view
  • After the surgery, view and edit the video on the app
  • Add tags, a description and other relevant information
  • Upload the edited video and send the link to the patient to watch
We offer an easy, convenient and reliable platform to store and use all your surgical video data

Over 50% of procedures performed daily use a scope or have video data associated with the procedure.

With a Surgery.tv subscription, you get:

  • A platform to store and share your surgery videos and records
  • Access to the app to view, edit and share surgery videos
  • An account page on Surgery.tv where patients can view your surgery videos
Start simplifying your surgery record digitisation process now